We have a proven and effective process to ensure that meetings and conferences are planned in detail, executed perfectly and are entirely built around their purpose. We draw upon a wealth of techniques and experience to create memorable sessions and effective content; all supported by leading AV technology and our own dedicated support team.

For any meeting or conference there are a huge number of permutations of tools and techniques available to the planner. In most cases, meetings start with the date closely followed by the venue, the attendees, the infrastructure and somewhere along the line an agenda will be agreed. 

Meeting Design or Meeting Architecture approaches it slightly different, it starts by thinking about the state of mind of attendees at the end of the conference, by asking this question: 

"What do you want the attendees to know, think, feel or do differently as a result of attending?"

Everything else stems from that vital knowledge. Which means we work backwards, how do we want our meeting to end, who will they need to have heard from, what is the ideal environment, what key facts must be communicated and so on.