We take great pride in taking care of everyone at our conferences and events; delegates, guests, visitors, presenters, exhibitors, VIPs, sponsors.... We view every one of them as an individual with individual needs, even when we are dealing with thousands of people at the same event. We take care of invitations, enquiries, travel arrangements, accommodation, correspondence, joining instructions, luggage plans, room share allocation, table plans, maps, itineraries, dietary requirements, disability, translation, religious, medical and access requirements.

On site we'll look after everyone. We register them, greet them and make them feel welcome. We direct them, look after any emergencies, questions and concerns and after we have got everyone home, we take their feedback, share photos, presentations, videos, Q&A and everything else to keep the messages alive. 

We plan for every eventuality, and on site we take care of everyone to the highest standard of service.